Process + FAQ's

Almost all of Amisha's prints are original hand-drawn patterns, starting off in lots of different color combos!

Finalized artwork is sent to Jaipur and the designs are then carved onto teak wood blocks by master artisans

A couple of finished blocks - ready for printing!

One of our artisans printing "Aiko" on fabric for sampling


Who is actually making the items, do you have a relationship with them, and do they get paid fairly?

We mainly work with 3 artisan families in Jaipur that manage carving the designs, printing + sewing all of the pieces.  These are multi-generational artisan families with long histories in the craft of block-printing as well as small-scale manufacturing and production.  All of the artisans are paid fair/living wages and work areas are kept clean, sanitized and healthy.


What is small-batch production and do you use fabric waste?

Small-batch production is simply producing our designs in smaller quantities, to reduce excessive inventory and create less waste.  Additionally we are committed to minimizing fabric waste by up-cycling leftover fabric for accessories such as scrunchies, bags and bandanas.


What steps are you taking to be more sustainable?

We are constantly researching new ways to be more sustainable.  We only use natural fibers such as cotton and silk.  All of our products are dyed and printed with non-toxic AZO free dyes, and many of our products are dyed/printed with indigo and other plant-based dyes.  We are also working to minimize the use of plastics in packing and shipping.